Foreign Policy

Surveillance Valley

Guest: Yasha Levine on Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet published by Public Affairs Books.


Russia, Israel, Iran and Syria

GuestMaxim Suchkov, editor of Al-Monitor’s Russia-Mideast coverage, on Russia, Israel, Iran and Syria.


Comment on Keith Gessen’s The Quiet Americans

My thoughts on Keith Gessen’s “The Quiet Americans Behind the U.S.-Russia Imbroglio” as an opening salvo in the need to deconstruct the discourses of the “Russia Hand.”

The Theater of Diplomacy

I wrote a review of Alexander Etkind’s Roads Not Taken: An Intellectual Biography of William C. Bullitt and Michael McFaul’s From Cold War to Hot Peace: An American Ambassador in Putin’s Russia for Bookforum. Unfortunately, the review is behind the dreaded paywall. So here’s the pdf.

Assessing the Russian Military

Guest: Michael Kofman on the Russian military.

Russophobia in America: A Genealogy

My talk at the Kennan on the history of russophobia.

The State of Russia

Guest: Masha Lipman on the current state of Russian politics.

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