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Transcript: Peering Under the Rug: Sources of Information about Russia

This week’s podcast is a roundtable interview I conducted at the University of Pittsburgh for the Center for Russia, East European, and Eurasian Studies Spring Series, “Spying, Archiving, Reporting: Information in Eastern Europe” The following was recorded on March 28, a week after the Justice Department released its memo...

Transcript: Lenin’s Government

Partial transcript of an interview with Lara Douds on the formation, functioning, and decline of the Lenin’s Council of People’s Commissars, or Sovnarkom.

Transcript: Soviet Intelligence and African National Liberation

Partial transcript of an interview with Natalia Telepneva on Soviet and Czechoslovak intelligence in African national liberation movements.

Transcript: Photography in the Russian Literary Imagination

Partial transcript of my interview with Katherine Reischl on the intersection of photography and Russian literature.

Transcript: The Soviet Origins of Lamaze

Partial transcript with my interview with Paula Michaels on the Soviet origins of Lamaze.

Transcript: Russian Nationalism

Partial transcript of my interview with Marlene Laruelle on Russian nationalism.

Transcript: The Gulag at War

Partial transcript of my interview with Wilson Bell on his book Stalin’s Gulag at War: Forced Labor, Mass Death, and Soviet Victory in the Second World War.

Transcript: The Kazakh Famine

Partial transcript of my interview with Sarah Cameron on the Kazakh famine. 

Stalinist Markets and Entrepreneurship

Soviet historian Elena Osokina comments on two myths of Stalinist society in an interview in

Mapping the American Left

I wrote an article with Rafael Khachaturian on the American Left for the Russian journal Социология власти (Sociology of Power). You can download it here.